More than a teacher...

Be a global teacher!

To teach is to touch lives forever! What about YOUR life?

I am Farida Shakir a teacher by profession who pursued tutoring for almost 20 years. As an educator, it brought me immense joy knowing the right way to train children so one day they can turn out to be refined young people.

Yes, teaching is very rewarding, but at the same time, it is very strenuous. Teaching requires you to stay updated on all new pedagogical methods, and in my efforts to stay abreast with the new innovations in education, I neglected my health. Stress was taking a toll on my teaching stamina, and no prescription medicines could help me until I was introduced to an organic supplement, which not only cleansed me, but also rejuvenated me, and helped me transition from being a teacher to a global teacher!

What does it mean to be a global teacher?

Little did I know that this supplement will give me an additional advantage, it not only brought me health, it brought me wealth as well! As my consumption of this supplement increased, the money also has kept on increasing. My dependence on my job too decreased and steadily I stopped tutoring and became a teacher preneurs, a global teacher. My passion towards education has allowed me to continue training and educating people in a different manner.